Human effort engineering is an engineering discipline that primarily deals with the design of human effort and contribution in all areas of occupation. These occupations could be manufacturing, agriculture, or any other activity that calls for human effort. The purpose of industrial engineering is the optimization of productivity of the systems that people work with for better productivity. This enables the workers to have good health, comfort, and safety within their work station in the different areas of manufacturing, agricultural among other occupations that they are involved in.

The key areas in industrial engineering are human effort engineering and the efficiency of systems for smooth working on those that operate them. working with better and effective machines increases productivity because the people involved can deliver better. Industrial engineering is the backbone of production because most of the materials that are used daily are produced in industries. That means that the ways of production should be made efficient by making better and more efficient industrial machines for the benefit of those working with them. human resource is then the driver to everything in production and so it should be ensured that working environments should be at the best of conditions

The responsibility of human resource

The human resource of every organization is made up of all people who contribute to the production of an organization. Human resource is comprised of the following domains; staffing, organizational design, appraisal, performance management, compliance, organizational development employee, and organizational development.

The human resource of every organization is comprised of all people who perform the various activities that enhance productivity within the organization. Human resources management focuses on policies and managerial systems that influence the operations of the organization’s workforce. In an organization, all decisions that affect the workforce of an organization are directly implemented by the human resource office of the organization.

 In the engineering industry, it is a requirement to have a good human resource department because it is this department that ensures that engineering works in the respective organization are at their best. Human resources in engineering originations should ensure that much the staff working with the various machines are fully qualified to operate them and are aware f the risk involved. Also, it is the responsibility of the human resource department to ensure that the working conditions are within the recommended standards. By doing this productivity increases because the workers are qualified, the machines are in perfect condition and the environment is perfect for working. 

A closer look at human resource

Good human resource ensures that the company is operating as it should in terms of the workforce and the workers are delivering as is expected. Also, the human resource section ensures that works are well versed with their required skills so that they deliver the best. This applies in hiring and ensuring that workers can put their skills to maximum use for better production.

Human resource management plays the role of keeping an organization moving because it through good hiring, management, and rewarding employees that an organization moves forward. In engineering organizations, human resource needs to be active and not only on how the workforce operates but also how the organization treats its workforce.

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