By putting the principles of science math and technology, engineers have been able to make a meaningful impact in various fields and engineers are being sought after all over the world due to their usefulness in various filed. When you look around, you will realize that every field involves the use of engineering concepts. Either in medicine, communication, transportation, housing, and fashion, engineering concepts are fully applied. It is thanks to engineering that today we have better communication systems, safer air transport, and productive agricultural methods.

Engineering is a wonderful industry and that is comprised of many different fields that target to make our world a better place as I have grouped them below.

Electrical engineering and software engineering

Electrical engineers are the brains behind the design and development of electrical systems, test equipment, and the general overseeing of the manufacturing process. Electrical engineers are primarily involved in the installation of electrical systems and installation of wiring in buildings, setting up of electrical power stations, vehicles electric installations, and power distribution. Electrical engineers are also involved in the design and building of telecommunication systems, computers, household appliances, mobile devices, telecommunications, and satellite communication. you can either be a degree holder in electrical engineering or you can also study and be a technician and pursue a degree later.

Software engineers design, develop and test software as well as maintain it. The technology that you are using ranging from mobile phones, calculators, and computers use software for them to operate. This software is all the work of software engineers. Applications, operating systems, computer software, and the creation of websites is the work of software engineers. for you to qualify as a software engineer, you will need to have programming knowledge. That means that with a diploma you can still work comfortably as a software engineer. However, for you to maximize your employment prospects, pursuing a degree would be the best option.

Mechanical engineering and civil engineering

Mechanical engineers design and develop engine-powered machines and also maintain them. such machines include electric generators, steam and gas turbines, internal combustion engines, escalators and lifts, air conditioning systems, and refrigeration. mechanical engineers are in great demand and you don’t need a degree to work as a mechanical engineer. Mechanical engineers without a degree can further their course later in their careers.

On the other hand, civil engineers ensure that towns and cities operate effectively. They major on infrastructure that involves, building bridges, roads, buildings, dams, and railways. It would be challenging to fully deliver in this engineering field without a degree in civil engineering and so it is highly recommended that you target to have a degree in this field.

Chemical engineering and Environmental engineering

Chemical engineers develop and troubleshoot industrial processes in the efforts of transforming raw materials into useful end products. Chemical engineering is a broad field that ranges from designing cloth fabrics to improving the taste of food products and regulation of the products used in the making of manufactured and processed materials. The paint you use, the packaged food you eat, and the production of that alcoholic drink you love were developed courtesy of chemical engineering. A bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering is the gateway to becoming an accomplished chemical engineer.

You know very well that due to other human involvements, our environment is becoming toxic to both humans and other animals. The solution to these problems is what environmental engineers come in to solve. By using scientific principles and engineering concepts, environmental engineers come up with ways of recycling, reducing water and air pollution, effective ways of waste disposal as well as ensure safe ways of managing waste.

For you to determine the best choice in the various engineering sectors there are, you need to ask yourself what best suits your interests, What kind of environments you would like to work in, and what career ambitions do you have? The asters to these questions will place you on a good engineering career path.

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